Standoff in Parkville Neighborhood Ends Peacefully

Barricade situation began around 2:30 a.m.

A barricade situation that forced nearly two dozen Parkville residents to stay inside their homes for nearly eight hours Monday morning has ended peacefully.

Detective Cathy Batton, a police spokeswoman, said an unidentified man suffering from emotional distress barricaded himself in his home in the 8700 block of Eddington Road off the 1700 block of Joppa Road.

The standoff, which required the use of tactical police and hostage negotiators, began around 2:30 Monday morning.

Police went door-to-door on Eddington Road around 3 a.m. ordering residents to stay in their homes, according to Donna Spicer, a Towson community activist who has lived on the road for more than 40 years.

There are about 20 houses on the street, including one residence that was converted into a number of apartments.

It is not known what started the standoff.

Overnight, police focused spotlights on one home in the 8700 block of Eddington. Police using a bullhorn could be heard calling to a man named "Brian" asking him to answer the phone, Spicer said.

State property records show it is the home of Brian McLane.

McLane is a contractor and the owner of All Work LLC. He purchased the home in 2004, according to state property records.

Just before 9 a.m., Batton said police were still asking residents to remain inside while they complete their work. She said she expected residents would be allowed to leave soon.

Lisa Robinson August 01, 2011 at 05:33 PM
What happened to Brian McLane? Was the person arrested? Was anyone hurt?
Mypointofview August 02, 2011 at 02:28 AM
Brian McLane was taken into custody around 8:45 AM and is safe and unharmed. The Police Officers did a great job. Many Thanks to all involved.
BMcLane November 28, 2012 at 05:02 AM
I am writing this to balance and give background to the above article for those interested but too distant to inquire personally. But I am also writing this to give testimony to what I feel gives further example of the unjust, FAILED war on drugs and the tragic waste of tax payer money that it is so desperately needed elsewhere. I lost my fiance and mother of my son this night. Not knowing how to deal with the situation I chose to turn to alcohol. As I dont usually tend to drink in such volume, I said some things that I shouldn't have that worried her enough to call police in fear for my safety. When told that, I said that if the police came in my house I had guns (Hint: Dont say that). Except the worst part is, that by that time, apparently the police had had her cell phone.. Apparently the wrong time to make a stand for liberty... Next thing I know I woke up to tear gas being shot thru my windows, a SWAT team take down, and was hauled off to the hospital for a week. :/ While I was in there not only did the police come in my house and take my pistol, bird gun, and deer rifle (hampering my ability to feed and protect my family should the need arise See 'financial collapse'), but after being released from the hospital the police took me down at gun point in front of my 3 yr old son at Chick fil-a because apparently when the came in my house they found a little marijuana. Since it was the weekend I spent 2 days in a new expanded and already overcrowded jail
BMcLane November 28, 2012 at 05:03 AM
Subsequently, at my district court hearing, when the Judge Steinberg asked me what I thought about him deciding I pee in cups for him and pay more fees. I said "Honestly Your Honor, this whole thing makes me want to pack up shop and move to a different state" (Implying that even tho Gov. Erlich signed Medical Marijuana legislation into law in 2003, I did not feel the judge was respecting this and I felt I might not be treated like a criminal in another state, especially for treating my medical condition of nerve pain, how I see fit.) Upon these words leaving my mouth the Judge lost his cool, and gave me 6 months in jail! I was taken away that moment and sat in jail for over 2 more days waiting for the appeal bond to be processed. I am due in Circuit court forthcoming, all for a misdemeanor possession of marijuana. I have already spent 4+ days in jail... Please take your jury duty seriously and know that the jury has the power to not convict on the basis of unjust law. The concept is called 'jury nullification', but the court will not allow your education of this fact at trial. You must take the civil responsibility yourself to learn the power that makes The USA, not a democracy, but in fact a Republic! I made some poor choices after a broken heart, but Im no criminal. and there is no justice having me relive and remember the dissolve of my family still 2 years after the fact.
BMcLane November 28, 2012 at 05:04 AM
"Make good smart decisions, and you will be a good smart player." - D. Hardy And Mayor O'malley, if you read this, I know you will be running and most likely win the next presidency, but please do what is right for the people who put you up there and stop threatening veto on solid medical marijuana legislation.


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