Surveillance Photos Show Teen's Killers

Daniel Pearson, 16, was shot and killed on Nov. 20 on Greenmount Avenue.

The Baltimore police have released stills from video surveillance of the suspected murderers of a 16-year-old boy in hopes of finding the killers.

The grainy photos, released by police, show a group of four people walking across Greenmount Avenue through oncoming traffic, pointing weapons toward the west side of the street at about 8 p.m. on Nov. 20.

Daniel Pearson, 16, was found at the scene and pronounced dead at an area hospital. A 22-year-old man and a 33-year-old man were also wounded in the shooting.

"Homicide detectives are attempting to identify a group of persons of interest who were captured on video surveillance in the area. Anyone with information on the identity of the pictured individuals is asked to contact homicide detectives at 410-396-2100. Callers may remain anonymous," according to a news release.

The Northern District, considered one of the safest in the city, has been rocked by an increase in violent crimes this year.

Maj. Sabrina Tapp-Harper, the district commander, told Patch earlier this month that the spike in violent crime could be attributed to gang violence in the area between the Bloods and Black Guerrilla Family.

Correcrtion: Daniel Pearson was originally identified incorrectly because of wrong information provided by the Baltimore Police Department.

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Sean Tully December 21, 2012 at 04:26 AM
Robin, can you provide a link to information showing the cameras don't work? I have a hunch they are one of the reasons we are seeing an overall reduction in crime in this country. I have no way to prove it, but at least I tell you that up front.
Adam Bednar December 21, 2012 at 04:40 AM
Sean, defining "works" is difficult. It depends what results you want. I remember working on a story, years ago, for the Baltimore Messenger. At that time (circa 2006) cameras were going to be placed outside a trouble bar on York Road. A spokesman for former State's Attorney Patricia Jessamy said they had not resulted in any useful evidence leading to a conviction. But it's extremely difficult to quantify the amount of crime these cameras deter.
Robin Hutchason December 21, 2012 at 05:05 AM
Well Sean, do you think you could identify anyone of the four people in the above pic? I have never been able to see anything but the color of the person but never any clear shot of the face of any person. In addition, I have talked to policemen regarding the cameras and the ones I talked to didn't have anything good to say about them. Another thing, cameras wear out and I am sure that the City of Baltimore is not diligent abut keeping them updated or maintained even.
Baltimore Matt December 21, 2012 at 06:58 PM
Hopefully the presence of the state police on Greenmount Avenue will help. It's about time that our city gets help from the state...especially, since we pay state taxes too. http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/crime/blog/bs-md-ci-troopers-in-baltimore-20121227,0,5333637.story
Sean Tully December 22, 2012 at 06:13 PM
Robin, you are declaring cameras don't work because of one fuzzy, distant photo? I could easily argue that had more cameras been in place perhaps we'd get a better image. Adam, State's Attorney Patricia Jessamy wouldn't have found useful evidence if it was delivered to her front door. That's why she is former State's Attorney Patricia Jessamy.


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