Towson Priest Pleads Guilty To Abingdon Indecent Exposure

Rev. Mark Stewart Bullock was a priest at Immaculate Conception in Towson at the time of the incident.

A Catholic priest from Towson was sentenced Wednesday to nearly a year in jail—with all of that time suspended—after pleading guilty to indecent exposure.

Rev. Mark Stewart Bullock after two saw Bullock expose himself in an Abingdon adult bookstore.

Today Bullock plead guilty to a single count of indecent exposure. He was sentenced by retired Harford County District Court Judge Lawrence Lanahan Jr. to 360 days in jail with all of that time suspended. Bullock was also sentenced to three years probation and ordered to pay half of a $500 fine, according to online court records.

A condition of his probation is that he complete a rehabilitation program, something Bullock started in February, according to the story on ExploreHarford.com.

Bullock, who was a priest at Immaculate Conception in Towson at the time of his arrest, was dismissed by the Archdiocese of Baltimore and ordered have a psychological evaluation, as reported by ExploreHarford.com.

The church distributed a letter to parishioners explaining what had happened and the Archdiocese of Baltimore launched an investigation into the incident.

Kurt Gladsky August 24, 2012 at 01:05 AM
What a light sentence. Given by a Irish Catholic judge. Maybe they should give him a promotion. He could become the principal of Calvert Hall. That's the crown jewel of homosexuality and perversion in Towson. Calvert Hall Principal Lou Heidrick sure covered up enough of it in his forty plus years of being employed there. With 23 sexual abuse related suicides and hundreds of sex abuse victims C.H.C. ranks #1 in the state!
Penelope Patch August 24, 2012 at 09:58 PM
How sad, I'm really sorry to hear that. The problem is that there is still a number of folks who sit on the bench who do not view this behavior as serious. There is a progression of aberrant behavior that begins with public exposure, and will often progress to increasingly more serious crimes involving a variety of different victims involving things such as child porn and child sexual abuse. It is usually not an isolated incident and doesn't just happen out of the blue. Many folks in our legal and judicial field still don't get that.
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Needaname August 25, 2012 at 08:27 PM
Good Lord - that is horrible. I had no idea. I knew about some of the seuxal abuse but 23 suicides related to sexual abuse ! Somehow anything to do with the Irish Catholics NEVER SURPRISES ME.
SLB August 27, 2012 at 08:17 PM
Kurt: Please STOP mailing things to Kelbark Court. You have the wrong address - they DO NOT live here. I have returned several of you letters but the Post Office can only do so much. I have also tried calling the numbers on your business cards, emailing you and tracking down your organization but no luck. I hope you see this because I really don't want to have these filling up my mailbox very week. Thanks.


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