County Executive Talks Trash

Officials announced a new marketing campaign meant to bolster residents' recycling efforts.

The county launched a new marketing campaigning Thursday that aims to motivate residents to recycle more by posting town-by-town recycling rates online.

Eight billboards, print and theater advertisements as well as 100,000 postcards that will be sent out across the county all point to BCRecycles.com, a website where visitors will find how their neighborhood scored.

“We’re appealing to community pride and we just think that by making this very transparent for people, a lot of people are going to be interested in seeing just how much is being recycled and how much it could be recycled,” Charles Reighart, the county’s recycling and waste prevention manager, said.

The goal is for Baltimore County homes to recycle 50 percent of their disposable waste. The average across the county in 2011 was 14.8 percent, according to Reighart.

Southern Essex scored the lowest at 4 percent, while the Ruxton and Brooklandville area scored highest with 30 percent.

The website is updated monthly. Find out how your town is doing in 2012 here

“Let’s liken it almost to a runner who wants to improve their speed for a race, having easy access to this data is going to help our residents within each community to work to increases that recycling rate and see the impact of their efforts,” said. 

The campaign is meant to promote the , which began in Feb. 2010. Later that year, all county condominium and apartment complexes were included. Single-stream recycling allows residents to discard papers, plastics, aluminum—all recyclable material—in one bin, on a weekly basis.

Kamenetz touted the fiscal importance of recycling during a press conference Thursday at the Maryland State Fairgrounds.

“By diverting these materials to recycling instead, we actually saved $2.7 million [in 2011] in avoiding disposal costs,” Kamenetz said.

If the county reaches its 50 percent goal, that would equal an annual savings of $9 million.

From BCRecycles.com:

2011 Jan
2012 Feb
2012 Mar
2012 Apr
2012 Brooklandville, Ruxton 30.3 31.8 32.9 31.5 32.9 Towson 22.4 29.1 24.7 26.3 25.9 Rodgers Forge 22.8 28.6 29.3 30.3 26.4 Anneslie, Stoneleigh, Wiltondale, Parkville,
Overlea 18.9 21.5 18.9 21.2 20.6 Loch Raven Village, Knettishall, Ridgeleigh 15.3 17.1 16.0 19.1 19.8 Parkville, Hillendale, Carney 18.5 21.5 20.3 20.2 17.4 Towson, Cockeysville, Hillendale
(Apartments and Condos) 11.0 7.5 10.6 7.7 7.9 Towson (Apartments and Condos) 12.2 10.9 14.7 12.3 10.7


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Leslie Schildgen June 01, 2012 at 07:16 PM
Can we use the money spent on these surveys and charts and pay the trash men to pick up in Harford County more than once a week for $80.00 every three months?


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