Parkville Election Judge: Turnout Like Never Before

At Harford Hills Elementary School, voters are waiting about 45 minutes to cast their ballots.

Whether they came out to vote for president or to cast their ballot on a hot-button referendum issue, one thing is for sure: voters are turning out in force for the 2012 election.

Greg Jones, the chief election judge at Harford Hills Elementary, said this election has one of the best voter turnouts he's ever seen.

"This is my 14th year as an election judge, and I've never seen it like this before," Jones said. "It's just never been a turnout like this sustained for this long."

Around 2 p.m., voters were waiting an average of 45 minutes to cast their ballots and Jones said that the wait was down from its peak of one hour and 30 minutes.

"People are being very patient, very understanding and we're doing what we can to get them in and out of here," Jones said.

About 800 voters had cast their ballots at Harford Hills Tuesday afternoon, representing a little less than a third of the 2,770 voters in the precinct, according to Jones.

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What are you seeing at the polls? Tell us in the comments.

Margaret November 06, 2012 at 07:50 PM
We had a big crowd at the Pine Grove Middle School. I was happy to see the turn out so big.


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