Huff Appeals to Board of Education Over New School Entrance

The 3rd District Councilman expects there would be issues given the planned school’s layout.

addressed the Board of Education Tuesday night on behalf of residents concerned about the current planned layout of the new elementary school to be built on Mays Chapel Park.

At issue is the planned entrance to the new school, which would open in fall 2014. Buses would pull into the school lot from Roundwood Road, under the current plan.

“The bigger issue is the roadway you have coming out into Roundwood—if you go straight across that is a private road that is owned by the condominiums,” Huff said. “I do believe that is going to create a fiasco as far as people using it as a cut through to get to the light.”

Neighboring condominium and townhouse owners have on multiple occasions itself, although Huff said he believed more residents were “coming to the resolution,” he said addressing the Board.

Huff stated that he would support a decision to detail police officers—possibly crossing guards—to the school during morning intake and afternoon dismissal.

“From what I understand from Vincent Farm Elementary School [model], that all the buses come in at once, they load the kids and they all leave at once, which I think it phenomenal. We would only need a police officer detailed there for 10 or 15 minutes,” Huff said.

The site construction for the new school in Mays Chapel was based off of Vincent Farm Elementary.

Members of the Save Mays Chapel Park Committee, who are most certainly not resolute about the final decision to build the school in Mays Chapel, view Huff’s sentiments as a “contingency plan,” according to group co-chairman Angelo DelNegro.

DelNegro said the committee is still waiting to hear on the decision of a legal appeal filed with the State Board of Education.


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