Marks Supports Downzoning Forested Area in Glendale-Glenmont

The councilman announced his position in an email on Thursday.

County Councilman will support the downzoning of a parcel in Glendale-Glenmont, he announced Thursday.

The 3.28-acre parcel at the corner of Goucher and Loch Raven boulevards—currently zoned to allow a mix of residential offices and mixed-density residential uses—will be downzoned to allow one residential unit per acre.

"This is already a densely-populated corridor, with thousands of apartments and ample office space," Marks said in an email. "While one of the smaller zoning issues in acreage, this issue is very important to the Glendale-Glenmont community."

The zoning request was made by the Glendale-Glenmont Community Association. Residents there felt that any development plan there would be environmentally difficult and cause traffic issues.

"I think it makes sense for that parcel," said Dan Ellis, the association's vice president. "It's a piece of ground that doesnt make sense to develop."

Ellis said the parcel is a "leftover" piece of property from the Fairways apartment complex. About 10 years ago, he said, developers presented a plan to put offices annd parking on the site, but residents objected.

Ellis praised Marks' efforts in working with residents on the issue and helping the association to navigate the rezoning process.

Marks' announcement was his second set of decisions in the county's quadrennial rezoning process. Earlier this month, he announced plans to , including the Towson Reservoir and a city-owned staging area for a water contractor.

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Lily June 22, 2012 at 12:46 PM
This is fantastic to see government interested in good sustainable zoning. Particularly with overcrowded schools. The last thing the area needs is more overcrowding.


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