Marks Won't Change Zoning on Towson Triangle

The 14.8-acre parcel includes Starbucks, pizza shops, a hotel and the American Legion.

Councilman David Marks announced another zoning decision Monday, saying the so-called "Towson Triangle" should remain zoned as it is for now.

The 14.8-acre triangle is bounded by York Road, West Towsontowne Boulevard and Burke Avenue. That stretch of York Road was home to several vacant properties torn down last year, and is still home to several pizza shops,, and the .

Marks' recommendation against changing the zoning matches the planning board's recommendation for the site. The County Council will vote on all rezoning recommendations later this month as part of the Comprehensive Zoning Map Process.

"I am very supportive of redeveloping the Towson Triangle, which is why I to review future growth,” Councilman Marks said in a statement. “But future growth should be done through a planned unit development, in which there are tough standards, broad public input, and a community benefit package. If this zoning is approved, a developer could build there by right, with none of those protections for the community.”

Former planning board member Robert Latshaw had recommended upzoning for that and several other tracts in Towson to BM-CT, a town-center zoning that would have allowed high-rises and other large projects.

The Legion post was one of the most vocal opponents to any zoning change on the site,  in a hearing earlier this year.

In a statement released Monday by Marks, Jim Rebbert, commander of Post No. 22 in Towson, said: “We agree with this decision and thank Councilman Marks for listening to our concerns. The Towson American Legion Post is an important part of the community, and we look forward to participating in future discussions about the redevelopment of Towson.” 


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