Marks Working To Eliminate Idlewylde Truck Traffic

The councilman said residents have complained that the trucks have caused serious property damage.

Councilman David Marks is taking steps to combat truck traffic in Idlewylde; an issue that has concerned the community.

In an email, Marks, who represents Towson, wrote that residents suffered serious property damage as a result of trucks traveling through the neighborhoods.

Marks said some of the trouble occurs because out-of-state truck drivers use GPS navigation systems to locate Beachwood Road in Dundalk, but are instead diverted to Beechwood Road in Idlewylde.

To reduce issues, Marks, working with the Baltimore County Department of Public Works, arranged for the 4000 block of Beachwood Road in Dundalk to be renamed Universal Trade Drive. Additionally, signs reading "Tractor Trailer Combinations Prohibited" are scheduled to be placed at Beechwood/Overbrook and St. Albins/Overbrook by the end of November.


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