Monitoring Wells to Be Installed in Odenton

Fort Meade officials will be going door-to-door this week to inform residents of upcoming construction work.

Odenton residents will be informed this week of upcoming construction tied to the installation of wells designed to monitor the quality of groundwater. 

Officials representing Fort Meade will be going door-to-door to let residents know about the installation of three wells on Bruce Avenue, Division Road and Dopeco Court. 

The wells are being installed as part of an investigation into possible groundwater contamination stemming from old industrial sites at Fort Meade. 

There could be lane or road closures at each of those locations lasting about 14 days. Work on the Dopeco Court site is scheduled to begin on Feb. 11. The work on Division Road will begin Feb. 25, and the work on Bruce Avenue will begin March 11. 

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B1 January 25, 2013 at 03:23 AM
Maybe they should also think about the Elmhurst housing area where there are a very large volume of homes that are on well water. What do you think about that ideal.Are'nt those areas that are to tested on Anne Arundel county water & sewer where the Elmhurst older homes are Not !!!!! Really lets get real just think once about it no brain surgery needed here is there. Thank you
Brian C. January 25, 2013 at 01:29 PM
Wow really?? They already know the ground water is bad. They need to step up and resolve this issue instead of trying to drag it out. Save the money on digging wells and provide the families that are affected by this bad water with county water lines.


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