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Towson Polling Precincts Show Strong Flow of Voters

Locals waited in long lines for their chance to vote at area precincts.

Despite cool temperatures, Towson residents came out in full force to vote at their local polling precincts.

Patrick Kay, a college student, said he waited approximately an hour late Tuesday morning at Dumbarton Middle School before he had the opporunity to vote. Still, he said the precinct was fairly well-organized though there was some confusion. Voters who would normally vote at Stoneleigh Elementary School, which is currently undergoing construction, were reassigned to Dumbarton and Towson High School. 

The voting line at Dumbarton extended outside the building.

"I have to vote, it's very important," Kay said.

Kay said he came out to support President Barack Obama.

"It's clear to me—when you look at his eyes—he's a truthful man," he said.

At Ridge Ruxton Elementary, Patrick Gatchell, a long time Towson resident, had a short wait in comparison—about 30 minutes.

"[The staff] were very polite, but I wish they had more voting booths," he said.

Gatchell, who voted for Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, said fiscal responsibility is the issue he cares most about in this election.

"It's repulsive what's happened to this country," he said.

Though voters made a strong showing, there were few campaigners at the precincts.

Charlie Reighart, a member of Marylanders for Marriage Equality, was advocating for same-sex marraige support between Dumbarton and Rodgers Forge Elementary School.  He said he supports the law because it is balanced.

"I feel that marriage equality is a civil right and no house of worship should be forced to officiate a marriage it objects to," he said.

Reighart said the response to his campaigning has been mixed.

"All but one person has been respectful," he said.

Jeffrey M. Doran Jr. November 06, 2012 at 06:52 PM
I too was at the Ruxton Ridge this morning and waited about 45 mins. Having only six booths made the process crawl along. Checking in was a breeze although anyone could have been me this morning as I was not asked for my Voters Registration Card or Drivers License. Anyone who knew my name, address and date of birth all which can be found out very easily could have voted for me.
Maryland Voter November 06, 2012 at 09:37 PM
I have been voting since 1972 (and in four states--not at the same time!) and have never had to use ID--that's why they ask your address, your age, etc. when you check in. The accusations of voter fraud are overblown and virtually non-existent. Voter suppression is another matter.
Bart November 07, 2012 at 12:01 AM
Jeffrey, I don't think anybody will vote for you Are you running?ID is not a requirement, and shouldn't be. Voter ID laws are a solution for a prolem that doesn't exist.


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