VIDEO: 'Poor Little Rich Girl' Activist Discouraged, Expecting Demolition

Mark Patro organized a lightly attended protest Wednesday evening to oppose a Perry Hall house's demolition on Belair Road.

Standing alone along Belair Road Wednesday evening, Mark Patro said he had hoped more community members cared about the impending demolition of the former Poor Little Rich Girl bridal shop. 

Patch reported the planned tear-down of the structure at 9010 Belair Rd. on Monday, a joint effort by County Councilman David Marks and property manager George Perdikakes. 

Perdikakes called the house "ugly" and an "eyesore," and said its demolition is in direct response to requests from Marks and several community members. The tear-down, which includes asbestos removal, will likely cost around $25,000, he said.

Patro, outraged by the plans for demolition and citing the century-old structure's historical significance, planned a protest with Light Brigade Maryland on Wednesday evening. Eventually he was joined by three demonstrators, who left a lit sign reading "Save This House" near the entrance. 

Marks announced on Tuesday that the demolition would be postponed at least two weeks to allow for a possible buyer of the structure. 

But Patro said he was discouraged by the protest and does not expect the house to be saved from demolition. 

"When you do something like this, you always hope that more people care," he said.

"Do I expect it to be saved? No, not at all," he added. 

Marks, in a statement, urged community members to instead focus their attention on restoring the Perry Hall Mansion, built by Perry Hall's founder in the 1770s. 

"Any historical significance associated with this structure pales in comparison to the heritage of the Perry Hall Mansion. That is a far more worthy project which could sure use the time, attention, and money of civic-minded residents," he stated.

But Patro said he believes in saving structures owned by the common people of Perry Hall, as well as the rich.

"Yeah, there was a man who built the Perry Hall Mansion, and he was a rather wealthy man with a lot of influence, and he built a big house. But there weren't many of those houses in the neighborhood. There were more of these kind of houses in this neighborhood," he said. 

Big T. December 07, 2012 at 11:35 PM
Thank you , Steve Redmer. I was one of those landowners who has lost major value on my land. We had no plans on selling but was hoping for a nest egg at retirement. We were not notified by anyone nor compensated for the theft.
Steve Redmer December 08, 2012 at 06:33 PM
I feel for you Big T....I was very dismayed to see how many of your fellow Perry Hall Residents were celebrating your loss...actually it kind of disgusted me, people are so selfish and inconsiderate of other people and their property
Bill Howard December 09, 2012 at 05:05 PM
@Dottie Most likely NOT. It was built before the days of lead paint bans. Having that wood is a no-no to the EPA as much as crack. It will be disposed of in some very coslty (but lucritive to someone) manner.
Bill Howard December 09, 2012 at 05:08 PM
What needs to be done it to shape the regulations so that what goes on sites like this look much like the originals. If it has to look like that, ugly flashy chain based buildings will be discouraged.
Gregg Roberts December 13, 2012 at 04:34 PM
Honeygo Hal, Part of the charm of a small town is concern for the welfare of it's people. Preserving historical landmarks and not delivering CRUSHING BLOWS to property owners by downgrading (the value of) their land are not conflicting viewpoints. (Rich Girl. Poor Girl is not being knocked down to put up a green space) If someone buys property zoned for development it should remain that way. The value of land zoned for development and not zoned for development is radically different. Developers may have to support this kind of risk as part of the politics of their business but not honest, hard working citizens. So, yes I guess you are right I like to whine about both the disregard for history and even more so for our neighbors.


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