'White Pride' Controversy Marred by Connotations and Outlandish Comparisons

Recent rallies for "White Pride" by a small Towson University group, Youth for Western Civilization, are inappropriate and have no place on any 21st century campus.

The "White Pride" controversy that has hit 's campus is both sad and unnecessary, caused by individuals who are either misinformed or trying to fool us all with ridiculous rants and comparisons.

As a result, their hatred has spurred a wave of fear and concern on a university campus that celebrates diversity and international heritage, not to mention opportunities for personal expression and spirited discourse. Unfortunately, these opportunities have been abused by individuals who misled the university, its faculty, and its students in thinking their arguments were conservative and traditional in foundation.

At a , Matt Heimbach, representing "Youth for Western Civilization" (YWC), played the role of the victim, equating his right to claiming "White Pride" to similar movements by blacks, gays, and females. As stated in multiple reports, Heimbach received a variety of threats for his efforts to further the agenda of the YWC.

First, let's look at this argument from the standpoint of connotations. The term "White Pride," historically, has its roots firmly planted in white supremacist and neo-nazi establishments. By using the term "White Pride," Heimbach assumes the burden of this term's foundation and everything negative associated with it. Simply put, Heimbach and the YWC are elevating one race (or group) over another, every time they use it.

In contrast, the movements by blacks, gays, and females (as well as Native Americans and other groups) are driven by the absolute need to be recognized as equals for their heritage, their culture, or for their gender.

Their histories and foundations in the United States are not filled with hatred and supremacy. They are filled with suppression, abuse, inferiority, and assimilation. By whom? Generations of Americans who have believed that they have every right to thrust their assumed superiority over others.

These suppressed groups do not wish to rise above another group or claim supremacy in any way; they simply want to be recognized fairly and equally.

Comparisons between a "White Pride" movement and the movements of blacks, gays, females, and Native Americans is a clear fallacy by association, and it might even be argued that the comparisons are borderline criminal for inciting hate speech on both sides of this issue.

If the YWC wants to be considered a legitimate voice of traditional conservatives, they need to state clearly the beliefs of traditionalists like Russell Kirk (The Conservative Mind) and apply them to contemporary social mores. The wrongful application of shameful bouts of racism and claims of supremacy to the ever-evolving 21st-century culture of the United States of America has no place in moving our country forward for all citizens, regardless of race, ethnicity, and gender.

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Rob Kennedy March 13, 2012 at 04:34 PM
I beleieve you give more weight to the statement "white pride" than you should. "White power" is typically the term used by white racists. Frankly, the ideal of taking pride in your differences from others based on race shows that you stand to show that you are proud to be a part of that race and denotes that you as a pround member of that race have a sense of separation from other races. That sense of separation is cancerous. What we need on campuses is "american pride", "capitalist pride", "school pride" and "race unity pride". Not the diversive "fill-in-the-race pride" that stems more so from the black panther party. My guess is this individual who started this group felt like he was in a minority with no representation for his race based on all the other minority groups on campus. He, and others decrying racism, should be more open to diversity
Eastsider March 14, 2012 at 01:16 PM
Why when a “WHITE” group is formed it’s automatically perceived as a racist group. I don’t know if this group is legit or not but until proven otherwise it’s not a news story. I will say they made a poor choice in the graffiti on the campus. Now with that said do we now assume that this list of organizations on the campus hates groups as well? African Diaspora Club Black Student Union Caribbean Student Association Chinese Cultural Appreciation Chinese Student and Scholar Association Filipino Cultural Association Greek Heritage Society Hillel International Student Association Iranian Student Union Il Circolo (The Italian Club) Korean American Student Association Latin American Student Organization Pakistani Student Association Saudi Student Club South Asian Students Association Swing Phi Swing Vietnamese Student Association
Michelle L March 14, 2012 at 01:17 PM
When people argue that we should adopt slogans like "American pride" over specific ethnic identities it is generally with a picture of American as white, Western culture. In an effort to become "one" we are actually asking ethnically diverse groups to just be like the Western European, white, protestant culture that came in and threw out, marginalized, killed and contained the only true indigenous Americans. I doubt very seriously that people professing American pride would be content if that meant giving up their religious practices, customs, music, food and all the other things that their minds conjure with the image of American. It is unlikely they are visualizing the customs and language of the native people. Generally it is with the notion to just become like the majority of white people who came to inhabit the land. How about if we pick brand new customs and religion and all change to unify under them and call it American pride? How contented would the people who profess one vision be to give up all they value?
Rus Vanwestervelt March 14, 2012 at 01:40 PM
Eastsider, this was exactly my point. The YWC should have every right to establish their organization at Towson, as long as it does not practice acts of hatred toward others. Using the phrase "White Pride" carries with it too many strong connotations that, if their group is legitimate, they would not want aligned with their organization. The groups that you have listed here, to the best of my knowledge, are not using slogans or phrases to represent themselves that carry negative or hateful connotations. If they do, they should be held to the same criticism and ethical standards for endorsing or promoting hatred toward others.
Rob Kennedy March 14, 2012 at 06:06 PM
Usually two camps feel having pride in anything white is negative. a) bigoted nonwhites b) whites with an overhelming sense of "white guilt". American pride = white pride? Really? Is this a majority opinion? Last I checked blacks et al are americans too. In my opinion White Liberals feel the need to promote diversity of nonwhites in order to feel like they are being fair to all. What's fair to all is treating everyone equally. What matters is the character of the individual, not their race, creed, sex, etc. It is the rabid need of race diversity on campuses and elsewhere that promotes the ideals of seperation and therefore works against americans ever uniting as one. That's right, liberals are more racist then they think. That being said, the grafitti is what it is, vadalism and the guy should be charged if a law was broken. Hate groups should not be tolerated, of any kind, I agree. But to say the use of white anything raises the rehtoric to hate is far fetched. yet of course when a minority group spues hate it's because they're oppressed and are allowed to continue in the eyes of the liberal. This is NOT the legacy of Dr. MLK jr. Forgive my spelling, this was typed from my phone.
Buzz Beeler March 15, 2012 at 10:49 PM
Rus, I am impressed with your articulation on the subject. I present an interesting guest on the late Ron Smith's show who speaks on this subject regularly. I will let the video tape do the talking and just say ditto. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cudqYwp28Y&feature=related


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