Perry Hall High Shooter Cooperating With Police

The investigation at the school continues as prosecutors decide on how to charge the 15-year-old boy accused of shooting another student Monday.

UPDATED (10:03 p.m.)—A 15-year-old boy is said to be cooperating with police as they investigate his alleged involvement in a .

Police continue to interview the unidentified teen and the investigation at the high school is expected to continue into Monday night, according to a statement released by Elise Armacost, a police spokeswoman.

No charges were expected to be filed. The unidentified victim remains in critical condition at Shock Trauma. Police have declined to identify either the shooter or the victim citing an ongoing investigation, according to a statement released by police late Monday.

The teen is expected to be charged in the morning shooting that sent one 17-year-old teen to Shock Trauma where a spokeswoman said he is in critical condition.

At least two members of the high school to the ground and held him for police. No charges have been filed.

"Police are working with the state's attorney to determine what charges will be placed and whether the 15-year-old suspect will be charged as a juvenile or an adult," Armocost said in the statement.

Students are at tomorrow.

"Though police believe the suspect acted alone, police plan to enhance their presence at the school tomorrow," Armacost said in her statement. "The police department's critical incident stress debriefing team has been activated to provide support for students and faculty."

Police are also not commenting on reports of statements the alleged shooter may or may not have made on various social media websites.

County police Chief Jim Johnson is expected to update information on the investigation tomorrow following a graduation ceremony for police recruits in Dundalk.

Cynthia McCuley August 28, 2012 at 07:14 PM
He is a product of his enviorment, Say whatever you like.. So why is it no one cares about how the shooter felt when he was being bullied? What he didn't have feelings? So it is ok to humiliate people, because the bully is unruly, and in my opinion brought up badly as well, no respect for peoples feelings. I believe you are mistaken, it is wrong for a parent or parents to not pay attention to thier children. I will remember him, and I will pray for him as well as the boy that was shot. I said in my previous post I do not agree with what he did. It is wrong and of course he should be punnished, but at the same time, punnish the parents, and the bully. If the gun was secured he would not have gotten it from the home, if he was taught to respect others, and rely on the system for help, it would not have happened. He is 15, too young to vote, drive, and make offical decisions, therefore his parents are responsible for him. Lets you and I agree to disagree. He will not spend the rest of his life in prison, and when he does get out I only hope he was given the help he needs. We all need to pary for all involved. Have a Blessed day.... :)
FIFA August 28, 2012 at 07:15 PM
Here comes the Joe Gay card, idiot.
jpadams August 30, 2012 at 09:25 AM
This is to Mike Smith. I personally know both of these kids and their families. And as horrible as this act was -- you scare me 1,000 times more. One of these boys was a lost soul and the other an innocent soul and I pray for both of these boys and their families. And, TRUST ME, when I say that I, and hopefully others, WILL still care about these two boys and their road to recovery. I say boys because they are both still kids, but you, on the other hand are an adult --- and everyone reading your comments knows that you will not care and will go on with your life as always because you are definitely lacking not only compassion, but a consciousness of others' distress. Calling a child "a rotten piece of crap" is deplorable -- and your a father? Oh, and speaking of "mental health" (something else that you don't care about) -- I think you need to get your's checked! TO EVERYONE ELSE, PLEASE KEEP DANIEL AND ALSO BOBBY IN YOUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS. Thank you.
jpadams August 30, 2012 at 09:40 AM
Just a note for all who took notice of the sign stating that "we don't call 911," that sign was already there when they bought the house and they chose not to take it down.
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