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Students' Fear of School Violence Postpones Dumbarton Middle Talent Show

School violence threats appeared on social media related to a debunked Mayan "end of the world" myth.

Dumbarton Middle School administrators made the decision to postpone its talent show, originally scheduled for Friday, as a result of students' fears of school violence.

"[School staff] made the decision because the kids were not focused due to all the rumors spreading," said Mychael Dickerson, a school spokesman. "They were worried about the children."

An increase in school violence threats via social media was connected to debunked Mayan "end of the world" myth. Dickerson said on Thursday that school and police officials are investigating all rumors and threats related to county public schools.

No threats were found to be credible.

Dumbarton parents received automated calls about the talent show's postponement Thursday afternoon. The talent show will be rescheduled after the winter holiday.

"It was an individual school-based decision," Dickerson said.

He said he is not aware of any other schools in the county canceling or postponing events because of the threats.

Following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the school system beefed up security around schools without resource officers—mainly elementary schools—by increasing police patrols around the campuses.


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