Archive Video: Ray Lewis Inspired Student-Athletes in Timonium

Take a look back to 2010 when the Baltimore Ravens' All-Pro linebacker was selected as the keynote speaker of Powered be Me!

Intimidating or inspirational?

Whether in pads or on the sidelines, Baltimore Ravens icon Ray Lewis has toed the line between both for 17 years in the purple and black, with his tackles doing the talking on the field, and his wisdom speaking in the locker room. 

As time ticks on his NFL career, multiple news outlets are saying that Lewis is reportedly close to signing a deal with ESPN as a media personality. The details of the deal are sparse and unconfirmed, although his role would likely tap into his passion that has become a thing of legend here in Baltimore. 

In 2010, Lewis happily obliged an invitation from then named St. Joseph Medical Center to share his wisdom at the annual Powered by Me! conference held at the Crowne Plaza in Timonium. The conference welcomes hundreds of high school student-athletes to Timonium to learn how to excel in sports while making healthy decisions. 

The video above has more than 100,000 views. 

The second highest "liked" commenter writes, "I just wanna hit the gym whenever I hear this dude talk." No doubt ESPN is hoping for a similar viewer response.

Lewis, in a largely unscripted speech, addresses the crowded meeting hall on the difference between being good and being great. Watch the 17-minute video yourself or show it to your child at home about what it takes to achieve the level of success Lewis has amassed over his career. 

Then let us know how you think Ray Lewis will do in post-NFL life in the comments section below. 

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