Donate Your Bike to Help Developing Countries

Lutherville man Marty Reisinger is hosting his sixth collection for Bikes For The World at REI Timonium.

Do you have an old bicycle collecting dust in your garage or shed? Something you used to love, but have long since replaced?

Consider popping over to this afternoon with your old two-wheeler to send it packing overseas for a new life with a family in need or transportation.

Lutherville man Marty Reisinger has for six years now hosted these , a non-profit that distributes bikes to families developing nations who need to get from the remote countryside to work the cities.

Reisinger, working with collected 60 bikes alone in 2011. .

The collection takes place from noon to 4 p.m. on Sunday at REI Timonium. Read more about Bikes for the World.

Reisinger sent out the following message to the Lutherville Community Association:

If you have any old bikes (or sewing machines) that you want to donate, please bring them on Sunday. When donating the bike, please consider making a $10 donation to defer the shipping cost. You will receive a tax receipt for all donations. 

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The way we see it, a little charity won't hurt your Karma if your team happens to be down at halftime.


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