Dave Morgan
At a younger age, whenever I was asked the question, "What do you want to do when you grow up?" my response, for some time, was that I wished to write.  That notion stuck with me all the way through my years at Towson High School where I was fortunate enough to write for the school newspaper, the Talisman.  Knowing I was providing others with information of which they may not otherwise be aware is a feeling unlike any other.  This is especially the case if it is through a medium that I love--the written word.
For reasons unknown to me, the dream faded as I left the comfortable confines of Towson and headed to the untamed frontier of college life at Ithaca College in upstate New York.   I graduated from IC in December of 2009 with a major in Psychology and a minor in English and have been living back home in Towson since.  I am happy to report that the writing bug has once again taken residence within me.  As an amateur musician and lover of the arts in general, I hope to be able to provide you--good people of Towson--with coverage of individuals and events in the area that will enrich you and deepen your appreciation for this small yet marvelous town.  
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