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Mediation of legal disputes is a vital tool for people and businesses facing legal conflicts. The traditional adversarial system frequently fails to produce satisfying results at a great financial cost. Conflicted parties are frustrated after the case is over. Worse families often are paying off their legal fees arising from divorce litigation for years and years. Saddling parties with legal debts is not the way to post-divorce recovery. There had to be a better way, and now there is. Mediation is part of the better way to divorce, an alternative dispute resolution process which substitutes diplomacy for aggression at a time when escalation is extremely detrimental to families emotionally and financially. In family law matters, resentment after attorney-negotiated child custody, support and property settlement and separation agreements creates a tinder box for future disagreements. Where disputes are resolved by trial and orders of the court, litigants are labeled as winners or losers or both, and negative feelings are amplified. Negative outcomes plus crushing legal debts can be life-altering. Think of Nancy Caplan, attorney and mediator as your future conflict-avoidance guide. There is a reason that parties who start in litigation or adversarial attorney-led negotiations often lay the foundation of a long period of post-divorce conflicts. End the conflict now and in the future. Dispute resolution in mediation is the better way to handle separation and divorce. If you are looking for a Maryland Divorce Mediator call Nancy Caplan, Esquire at 410-296-2190. For families, who often remain connected by children after divorce, anger leads to a continuous loop of contention under threat of further legal process. Old conflicts fester and new conflicts grow fertilized by the old conflicts. Separation and Divorce Mediation is a process structured to break this stubborn pattern. With an office centrally located in Towson, the county seat of Baltimore County, family law mediation provides a sensible alternative to costly litigation of family law matters. Nancy Caplan attorney and mediator provides evening hours Monday through Thursday, in addition to all regular business hours. People going through separation and divorce need help, and help includes providing a service that is convenient for the employment demands in their lives, which are often already challenging during the transition of separation and divorce. Since 2000 the State of Maryland incorporated mediation into its processes and procedures to curtail litigation and the unduly aggravating adversarial nature of attorney-led negotiations. In Maryland courts, disputes over child custody and visitation (also called access) are often ordered to mediate. Even if the child custody mediation is successful, the issues of alimony, support and division of assets, allocation of debts are left behind in the hands of the lawyers and judges. Private divorce mediation tackles all of the issues in a single setting- the Mediator’s private settlement table. The sensible question is why not begin your separation and divorce negotiations in a private and confidential mediation? Parties are often shocked by the language and tactics of their attorneys. However, lawyers are sworn to be a client’s zealous advocate in negotiations, and if attorney-led negotiations are chosen, the problem does not necessarily lie with the lawyers, it lies with the choice of process. That is your choice. Choose wisely. Take control over the challenge of separation and divorce. Choosing a divorce mediator in Maryland is your first step to selecting a less stressful approach to separation and divorce.

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