Balanced (균형이 잡힌)


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Balanced (균형이 잡힌)

2023 Han-Mee Artists Association of Greater Washington, DC Annual Exhibition

June 14 - July 15 (Closed Tuesday, July 4)

Opening Reception: Wednesday, June 14, 5pm

Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 11am- 4pm

Balancing each other’s differences and achieving synergy is important in both creative arts and our daily lives. However, attaining and sustaining a balanced life is difficult in a constantly changing world which requires us to constantly adapt to new conflicts, concerns, and environments. In particular, the unexpected COVID-19 global pandemic made worries about reality and an uncertain future a regular part of our daily lives and thoughts. Just like finding our direction amid a foggy reality, creative activities are like taking a long journey toward an unknown destination. Each of the works presented in this exhibition shows unique and inventive approaches to realizing balance and synergy.

Artists: Clare Jongim Chang * Yunkyoung Cho * Youn Ho Choi * Zechariah Choi * Hyun Chough * Eunmee Chung* Jillian Chung * Hyunsook Erickson* Jihee Hahn * Barbara Han * Mira Jung * Sunhee Kim Jung * Amy Kyungae Kim * Bo Kim * Bok Kim * Eunjeon Kim * Hyun Jung Kim * Irene Myounghee Kim * Jean Jinho Kim * Jinchul Kim * Jung Eun Kim * Myungsook Ryu Kim * Okji Kim * Sumita Kim * Tae Dong Kim-James* Wanjin Kim * Myoung Won Kwon * Eunyoung Leah Lee * Insook Lee * Sunjin Leaa Lee * Choung-Hee Lim * Jeong Sook Oh * Jinsoon Oh * Minsun Oh * Komelia Hongja Okim * Junghwa Kim Paik * Sookkyung Park * Donghyun Rhee* Sunmi Shin * In-soon Smeenk * SuLi * Serena Yeo * Jihee Yi* Sook You * June Yun


Asian Arts Gallery
Center for the Arts, Towson University
1 Fine Arts Drive
Towson, MD 21204
United States

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