Eight New Companies Complete Towson University’s StarTUp Accelerator


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Eight new startups completed Towson University's StarTUp Accelerator program yesterday. These exciting young companies provide services from an app to share the best nightlife spots in a city to a company working to make electric vehicle charging stations more efficient.

Towson University founded the StarTUp Accelerator in 2020 to empower young entrepreneurs and help them gain the skills necessary to introduce their businesses to the broader market. Ventures which are accepted by the program receive a $10,000 equity-free stipend as well as mentorship, founder-centric programming, and exposure to successful ventures that Towson alums run.

Selected founders will take up residency at the StarTUp at the Armory, TU's new state-of-the-art entrepreneurship space in downtown Towson.

The eight companies accepted this year are

Lets Tap In LLC - Founders: Conrad Brake and Ryan Rutkowski

Let's Tap In is an event-based app where users can share information about their local bar scene. This app aims to increase communications between bars, patrons, and their community. The service is available in four college towns, including Towson, College Park, Durham, NC, and Newark, DE.

Medsy - Founders: Joshua Wies

Medsy is a direct-to-consumer, over-the-counter medication sales website. Their goal is to reduce costs for healthcare customers by allowing them to find and purchase their medicine online easily.

Mint Print LLC - Founders: Emily Vogel and Michael Franz

Mint Print is a platform that uses blockchain technology to revolutionize digital book ownership and sales. They allow consumers to purchase, lend, give away, and resell digital books. Using the blockchain, Mint Print aims to change the current status quo, where digitally purchased books are licensed, not owned by the buyer.

ORO Financial - Founders: Daniele Jean-Pierre and Cylton Collymore

ORO Financial is a financial technology company based in California. They specialize in loans ranging from $5,000 to $1.5 million. They are an early adopter of "web3" technology which aims to create a new internet based on innovations such as decentralization, the blockchain, and token-based economics.

Pirl Technology - Founders: Kobby Osei-Kusi

Pirl Technology is a manufacturer of "next generation" electric vehicle charging stations. They aim to make charging stations more efficient and eco-friendly using IoT (Internet of Things) technology. IoT is a web-enabled smart device system that shares data to make processes more efficient.

Pro Theory LLC - Founders: Daria Lucchesi

Pro Theory is a combination software tool, marketplace, and network where coaches can set up, manage and grow an in-person or digital training brand. They want to become the premier training network for coaches and athletes nationwide.

Rebokeh - Founders: Rebecca Rosenberg

Rebokeh provides an app that allows users to input custom video filter settings. Their slogan is "enhance vision, not overpower it." Their founder, Rebecca Rosenberg, has moderate vision impairment and hopes the app can help others see the world the way they want to.

Inso - Founders: Veena Radhakrishnan and Patrick Dempsey

Inso is an online discussion forum where students can share insights and ideas with a group of their peers. Inso uses data to show users what ideas are trending and emerging themes amongst their peer's posts.

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