Hot Pot Restaurant Coming To Towson


Credit: Shutterstock

A new restaurant is coming to Towson this fall! KPOT, a Korean barbeque, and Chinese hot pot fusion restaurant, will be opening at 6 W Pennsylvania ave, near the Towson roundabout.

According to their website, KPOT was created by four friends who enjoyed sharing their food culture. This unique restaurant combines delicious Korean barbeque dishes such as bulgogi and a modern take on Asian hot pot.

Using the franchise model, they now have over 75 locations across 24 states and are rapidly expanding in Maryland, adding locations in Laurel and Towson this year.

Hot pot is a Chinese dish where diners cook meat, vegetables, and other sides in a large communal broth bowl. It is fundamentally similar to fondue, except it replaces the cheese with spicy or herbal broth. Some hot pot broths contain Sichuan peppercorns, infamous for their numbing properties.

Korean barbeque has quickly gained popularity in the United States over the past decade, with dishes such as Bibimbap and Bulgogi entering the mainstream.

Like fondue or hibachi, hot pot is as much an activity as a meal. Diners gather to share conversation and drinks while waiting for their food to cook in the scalding broth. According to KPOT, “KPOT is mostly about gathering together for lively conversation over a feast of good food.”

The restaurant houses a full bar and advertises a “nightlife atmosphere.”

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