Complaints Dropped Against Parkton Family's Crowing Rooster


Credit: Shutterstock

BALTIMORE COUNTY - A Baltimore County resident has dropped a complaint made against a Parkton family for their crowing rooster.

Wilbur the rooster will be allowed to stay with his family, the Tanenbaums. #FreeWilbur.

Last week, WBAL reported that complaints from a neighbor resulted in nearly $5,000 in fines due to the rooster’s incessant crowing.

The complaints were brought before the county, which initially levied a $150 fine against the Tanenbaums. Soon after, another fine was added, this time with a $4,650 price tag.

"The amount is outrageous. It's been very stressful, knowing that we could continue to be assessed $150 each time the rooster crows," Jackie Tanenbaum told WBAL.

Jackie Tanenbaum started an online petition on called "Saving Wilbur the Rooster.” Tanenbaum attributes Wilbur’s victory to the over 25,000 signatures on the petition.

“We received notice today that our neighbor has withdrawn their complaints against Wilbur. That means that the citations and fines are dropped and that he gets to stay with his flock! This is due, in large part, to the groundswell of support that we received from our local community, the media, government officials, and from the almost 25,000 people who signed this petition.”

A hearing in front of the Animal Services Board was scheduled for February, but since the complaint was dropped, the Tanenbaums are now free to live with Wilbur unaccosted. 

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