Patch Business Guide: The All-In-One Marketing Solution Empowering Local Businesses


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The Patch Business Guide is the streamlined all-in-one marketing solution that your local business has been dreaming of. You don’t need to be a marketing guru to increase your business’s revenue, you can leave the heavy lifting to us.

When your business is on the Patch Business Guide, it’s directly visible to everyone who’s browsing exciting local news and information on Patch. That means that new potential customers can use the feature to find out about businesses that provide solutions they need in their local area.

All along the way, our team of experts uses proven strategies to ensure your marketing campaigns succeed. With Patch, digital marketing becomes straightforward, effective, and affordable.

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The Patch Business Guide provides a host of features, including localized ad placements, professional ad creation tools, opportunities for content creation, and easy setup for custom community deals. Plus, we offer additional tracking tools for effortless organization.

We handle the technical side in an easy to navigate interface that integrates everything from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Google Analytics in one user-friendly app. Tracking the impact of your marketing efforts has never been easier than it is with Patch.

We know that navigating the ever-changing digital marketing landscape can be a daunting task for anyone, let alone for those grappling with the daily demands of keeping a local business afloat. You're an expert in your field with a myriad of tasks that require your attention: from managing operations to fulfilling orders. You need a platform that understands this, one that simplifies the complexity of online marketing and helps you reach your customers effectively.

Enter the Patch Business Guide.

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The Patch Business Guide is your all-in-one digital marketing solution. It places you firmly in control, offering easy-to-use tools to connect with real customers in your local community. With the Patch Business Guide, you can bypass the complexities and price tags of large tech companies and enjoy our transparency and simplicity.

Patch’s hyperlocal targeting puts your business in front of the exact potential customers in your area who are looking for the things you offer. The platform’s advanced tools enable precise targeting of exclusively local customers with interests that match your products, maximizing the impact and relevance of your campaigns.

If you're aiming to scale your visibility, stay top-of-mind with your customers, or simply switch to a less complex marketing tool, the Patch Business Guide is the ideal partner for your growing business.

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