Black Bears Spotted In Baltimore County, Officials Urge Precautions To Prevent Encounters


Credit: Shutterstock

BALTIMORE COUNTY - Carney Residents were startled on Saturday afternoon when a black bear was sighted in the area, marking the latest in a series of bear sightings in Baltimore County.

Previous sightings occurred at Hillendale Country Club in Phoenix on Thursday and along Cromwell Bridge Road on Friday. Additionally, black bears have been observed near Providence Road and in the Chatterleigh neighborhood.

Authorities are emphasizing the importance of taking preventive measures to avoid attracting bears. Feeding bears is strictly prohibited as it can lead to the animals associating humans with food, potentially leading to persistent problems for residents and neighbors. Maryland law explicitly prohibits feeding bears.

Residents are advised to secure their garbage cans, avoid leaving out food or pet dishes, and minimize other attractants that might draw bears into residential areas. By adopting these precautions, community members can reduce the likelihood of bear encounters and ensure the safety of both humans and wildlife.

For more information about safely interacting with black bears, visit the Maryland DNR website.

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