Look Alive Campaign Boosts Pedestrian Safety Measures Amid Rising Fall Accidents In Baltimore Area


(Photo Credit: Renee Schiavone/Patch)

BALTIMORE COUNTY - As the fall season heralds in shorter days, transportation officials are intensifying their efforts to improve pedestrian safety in the Baltimore region with the "Look Alive" campaign, emphasizing the importance of road safety for both pedestrians and drivers.

The campaign emphasizes the increased risk pedestrians face during the fall, as diminishing daylight and reduced visibility can lead to more accidents.

Last year, pedestrians accounted for 26% of total traffic fatalities in the Baltimore area despite only being involved in 2.6% of all traffic accidents. In October 2022, the Baltimore area experienced 162 pedestrian accidents - the most of any month that year.

"Both drivers and pedestrians need to prioritize safe behavior on the road. By collaboratively looking out for each other, we can drastically reduce these numbers, ensuring everyone reaches their destination unharmed," said Maryland Motor Vehicle Administrator Chrissy Nizer.

To raise awareness and curb accidents, the Look Alive campaign recommends:

For drivers:

  • Always stop for pedestrians at crosswalks and avoid overtaking vehicles halted at crosswalks.
  • Double-check before turning and prioritize pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Adhere to speed limits to allow ample reaction time.

For pedestrians:

  • Always utilize crosswalks or cautiously cross at corners.
  • Wait for the designated walk signal before crossing.
  • Stay alert and check for vehicles from all directions before crossing.

The campaign will also host interactive regional events, including a Virtual Reality experience allowing participants to understand drivers' perspectives in typical pedestrian crash scenarios.

Additionally, "Signal People" will actively engage on streets, becoming human billboards with essential safety messages, reminding pedestrians and drivers to remain vigilant.

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For more information on pedestrian and bicycle safety and upcoming events, visit LookAliveMD.org.

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